hamilton peephole

it is an installation, no, a happening, no, a pop up gallery, no, is the art statement of the DIY curatorial paradigm of our age, no, the embodiment of  an aesthetic theory of preceptorial inputs as peepholes, no, no, it is just a peephole .





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March edition! Live after dark! La Tara de Ensenada The feminine representation of Tara as enlightened energy in Nepalese Buddhism, among other cultures, has an important role  as the reinvocation of feminism in traditional Buddhism. Tara which transliterates as "reaching the other side", in a legend, was born as the princess "moon wisdom" who then became a monk, during the times in which Buddhism did not allowed the ordination of female monks or expected a female reincarnation to ever reach Nirvana. Tara however protested that in maximum spirituality gender roles are irrelevant just as "I" or "mine" is illusory. After reaching nirvana she continued to manifest in order to aid other beings in their journeys to enlightenment. Officially, a statue of Tara was given to  Ensenada Mexico in 1992 by the Nepalese Institue of Foreign Affairs in order to bring a gift of peace and friendship. Unofficially, the locals, after interacting with the monks who built the statue, speak of a different reason. Allegedly, the spiritual energy of the world will eventually migrate to a new center:  Baja California Mexico, where Tara will be the monumental piece that will channel the spiritual energy to its new home, a new Tibet. Hopefully in a new age of feminine reincarnation of Buddha? A beatnik meditation is an attempt to re-enact the search for equanimity and detachment in the flow of stream of consciousness which is how beatnik poetry in its spoken word is usually performed. After 10 years of finding and photographing Tara during a hitchhike beatnik journey,  @sentientblob will install this piece and perform a beatnik meditation after dark. #hamiltonpeephole #peephole #artcrawl #jamesnorth live on instagram stories.

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